Cuff title (ärmelband) of SS officers candidates in Bad Tölz School. In 1937 the SS-Junkerschule Bad Tölz was established near the town, it was the officers training school for the Waffen-SS and operated until the end of the war in 1945. All SS officers had to be a minimum height of 5 foot 10 inches (5 ft 11" for the “Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler”) and had to serve for at least six months to a year in the ranks prior to being considered for a place at the SS-Junkerschule.

“Frw. Legion Norwegen” with the circular Cross of Saint Olaf (Patron Saint of Norway), with upright swords in silver thread and black background (the symbol used by members of the Quisling party), “Freikorps Danmark” and “Nordland” (11th Waffen SS Division).

Does anyone know if the school building is still Standing?


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