Karl Brandts last letter to his son Karl Adolf Brandt for his 13th

I can
not miss to congratulate you on your birthday. I come to you with all
my heart and my wishes are more, much more than what you might
otherwise understand. Deep from my soul they are coming to you. I
knew only kindness and love during my lifetime, for you.

My whole
existence found a new sense, when your mother gave birth to you! Oh,
how little you were. We held you in our arms and our happiness did
not have an end.

You grew
up, began to run, only hesitantly. Both of us, Anne and I, took care
of you when you were sick for the first time. We breathed again when
you smiled again. We wanted to make your childhood full of joy and
we only gave you love again and again.

Berghof, Summer and Winter, everything should help to keep you
healthy and strong.

From the
very beginning, you made it easy for us to guide you. It was almost
unnecessary to pay attention to you. Your whole manner, dear Karl
Adolf, urged your whole being, to search for the things that we
thought, are the best for you. You should become a good boy who only
plays and plays and tries to find with his own senses, the right

Then war
came and brought difficulty and compulsion. So many things changed,
than we, your caring parents, had thought and wished for us. But we
still were striving to keep your youth free of terrible things.

mother always wanted the best for you and she did everything,
everything for you.

What has
she sacrificed for you – oh dear Karl Adolf, I know it. And once
you are older, you will understand what I mean.

If I
think back, I do no think about the work, which was very
demanding. I think of us three –  yes, and Asso (Asso was the family
dog), our faithful black friend…

Then I
see you play, in your small room. I see you playing in front of the big window, in the forest. I go to school with you. Peserve yourself, Karl Adolf, as something very beautiful.

You two will often talk about these
things and the memories will remain.

I have
no serious words. You have felt the seriousness of life yourself. And
in your childhood, life has already hit you hard. I know how painful
it all is to you, and you know how bitterly sorry I am.

know, Karl Adolf, there are the words of the priests that stand above
all, who apply to every human. Think of loyalty, courage, kindness,
love – like I do.

there maybe are people who think that what I have done, was right. Do
not worry, dear Karl Adolf, when I’m dead. The earth loses nothing.
And when you were very small, you said to me, “All humans must
die, so dying can not be so bad.”

The only
thing that is bad is, that sometimes you think to have lost each
other, because you do not see each other anymore. My son, it is not.
I will be around you as a good spirit, and if you keep your heart
true and open, you will know that I am there for you. I am writing
this letter not to make you sad, I am writing it because I want the
best for you. And my wishes are from my heart, for you and your
mother, my Annele.

Be happy
that you two have each other. And you two should be like one heart
and one soul! Help your mother and be her comrade always! No matter
how hard life can be.

future will not be easy. The time is hard, and people are caught up
in their own narrow delusions. Wars and cravings for revenge will
exist, who will not have any benefits and only miseries. Stay away
from these things, Karl Adolf. They pull a human down and make him
take away his own freedom. 

Remain your own master!

I notice
that I talk about topics, which you do not understand now. But
understand that I can only still exist in them.  Since today
everything is certain. I know my fate.

But you

My dear,
good Karl Adolf! Be aware of the names you are carrying. But I should
apologize again! How could I make this allusion. I know that you are
my son. And you know it too!

Let me
repeat my request again: Take the hands of your mother, hold them and
be good to her, be good to the elderly people and be a real man!

and happiness!

And when
you have found once a good wife – then don’t let her go. And tell
your kids that your father always wanted the best for you. Then I
will be around you all! But now grow.

confident, true and honest with yourself.

world is yours, if you take it.


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