red every time.

Blue pill….too many screw ups to fix and I’d get more fishing time with my Dad.
On a light hearted note, I’d also save a ton of $$$ on guns and gun accessories by buying things right the first time.


Start over at 10 with 50 million but only have 35 years left to live


Neither. Fuck that silly bullshit. I should gamble about not meeting the most important women in my life or I should miss out on years of life with them for money? Hell no.

Blue pill

I think I’d take the blue pill. I fucked up my teen years and i think I’d be in much better place if I knew then what I know now.

Reliving childhood and puberty is not my idea of fun so I might not be able to handle the disrespect again.

Red. I can still create children and use that money to aid our cause

blue pill

blue, because I love life too much to get old too soon (even if that means money). also i’d have the opportunity to be a much less awkward teenager XD


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