Enilchek, Kyrgyzstan — Bride kidnapping is an old tradition in Kyrgyzstan, and it remains an acceptable way to find a wife.  It’s said that about a third of the men in Kyrgyzstan find wives by kidnapping them.  Traditionally, the kidnapping would have been done on horseback, but today most women are kidnapped by men driving cars or riding in taxis.   Tokkon’s husband Naviy kidnapped her more than 40 years ago.  "He and some friends pulled up in a dump truck,“ she recalls.  "They grabbed me and drove me to his house.”  They put the scarf on my head, and the imam and his family were already waiting there, and they performed the wedding ceremony right away.“  "I still don’t love him,” she tells me.  "We’ve become used to each other now.  We’ve been together such a long time.  But I don’t love him.  It is only my children I love.“


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