Two pro-refugee/antifa German girls get abused by Afghan refugees several times 

>”We need to be careful to not justify the right-wingers”
>Band at whose concert it happened:
>“We of course want to denounce this [sexual assault] but we also don’t want to be associated with [the far-right] who want stricter asylum laws”
>refugee center employee, after reporters tried interviewing one of the abusers:
>*angrily interrupts interview and takes guy back inside*
>police phone operator:
>”We don’t have any stats on ethnicities or refugees or if this is happening more than before or not”

>Arab psychologist and Islam scholar:
>”These aren’t isolated incidents. These are men from a culture and upbringing which are very patriarchal, which include religious understandings that promote this. And it has to be talked about.”
>Director of police unit in charge of sexual offences:
>”This is a new problem police have to deal with. It’s a political/societal topic because the end result should be successful integration. 
>Head of the research center for global Islam, Frankfurt University:
>”Very familiar with the fact that young men in groups specifically target women in Arab and Muslim countries, and is not surprised this is now taking place in Germany.”
>”One has to -for once- open their eyes to the fact that we have a problem here. Because if we don’t the right-wing populists will be the only ones addressing the problems and we also won’t have any possibility of changing this.

Why I posted this video is because it’s interesting to see how the people in it who are ready to admit there is a problem are people who are highly educated or experienced on the topic, even someone who has his roots in such a culture, while the ones who don’t want to admit it seemingly just don’t want come across as right-wing, and substitute their knowledge with emotion. I’d also liked to have seen more of the interview with the abusers themselves. We spend so much time going back and forth over their heads that it might be very valuable and educational for once to just talk to the ones who actually do the abusing and see why they do it, how they feel about it etc.

I wanna say that sexual assault is bad but I dont want to take any action to protect women because that might be racist :3 yeah I know it happened exactly what the far right predicted, we have way more terror, crime, sexual assaults and crime, but it doenst mean its ok to be against immigration but its all worth it because its morally good to let them in and our women have to just take one for the team so I can enjoy the fuzzy feelings. Why is immigration good you ask? Well listen to all those buzzwords I know without any facts that back them up: Strength, Economy, Diversity is good, see? How could any thinking person be against it? :3

>women have to just take one for the team
That’s pretty much the only thing I hear when I see people avoiding the topic or complaining that it’s because vague reason #435345 or “nuancing” how it’s related to teh far-right Islamohgpobs or just men in general. Just take one for the team, ladies. For the greater good. Your physical and emotional well being isn’t that important.

I chosed my team and I would recommend other girl to do the same.


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